Steph Knight

Yoga . Meditation . Healing Arts


Steph is a certified Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Holistic Therapist, she has been practicing since 2000 and teaching internationally since 2009.  Steph undertook the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher training with Sharon Gannon and David Life in New York before completing an apprenticeship with Cat Alip-Douglas in London.  While continuing to study, practice and teach yoga, Steph is currently studying Psychology with a special interest in Existential Psychotherapy and Phenomenology.

“My hope is that we collectively wake up to who we really are, becoming more authentic in our humanity, setting about living on this earth in a way which causes the least amount of harm possible, while becoming more realigned with nature. I believe that a committed Yoga practice and honest Self-enquiry, over time, enables us to directly experience the inter-connectedness of life while becoming gradually de-hypnotized from oppressive cultural norms and conditioning.
Yoga teaches us to be courageous and kind, strong but also soft, to be flexible so as to not to become bent out of shape or broken – not just in our physical bodies but in our minds, hearts and attitudes. Yoga calls on us to let go of divisive world views and to come together in pursuit of common goals.”